Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitchen Lighting Installation Perth

For all those who love to cook, for those who spends most of their time in the kitchen, chef, full time moms, it is time to give your kitchen a total revamp. Sometimes, a good cleaning is not just enough to beautify your kitchen. Choose the best lights and ask lighting Installation Perth to help you with it.

A light refreshes our kitchen. It's not just about giving lights but also a good way to welcome your visitors for dinner. There are plenty of designs you can choose from undercabinets, to counter tops, up to the dining area.

There are also plenty of ways to brighten every space in your kitchen and remember to choose the right color and designs that will complement the kitchen theme. do not forget that kitchen is about cooking and preparing foods so this means that you will choose the one that is best when you cook.

Kitchen light designs

Pendant lights – if you have a kitchen island then this type of lighting fixture is the most appropriate to install. It hangs from the ceiling above the center island. You may put 2 or 3 of the same design depending on the size of the island. It is also a great alternative for chandelier if you want a simple one.

Island lights – also called an island chandelier. It comes in variety of sizes and often comes in group.

Under cabinet lights – this type of lighting fixture is mounted under the kitchen cabinets so you won’t be able to see them when turned on. LED light applied best for under cabinets because it is more energy efficient and doesn't need to illuminate the whole room. It often use to decorate the kitchen and to add elegance to your expensive kitchen counter. It seems easy to install but still needs proper lighting installation.

Chandelier – this type of lighting is just like a pendant one but in a more elaborated design. It often installed in a dining room, formal living rooms, or an entry with high ceiling. It was invented as early as 12th Century made of wooden crosses with spike to secure the candles and suspend on the ceiling using chains or ropes. They were being used by wealthy people during medieval times.

Track light – this looks great in the kitchen, too. This is a great alternative for kitchen island if you will not going to install pendant lighting. It is also called a “spotlight” lighting because the light can be aimed in different directions.

Recessed Lighting – it is a lighting fixture that is installed in a ceiling. When you look at it, it seems like there is light coming from the hole of the ceiling. The very first recessed light was made in the year 1930. This type is most common in North America.

Pot Racks – pot racks chandelier gives versatility because it gives light for cooking and holds your cookware at the same time. It is very functional and suitable for small kitchen and a stylish way to organize your things.

These lights maybe expensive but if you are on a budget then you can check at stores for sale. If you have them ready to install, the next thing for you to do is call a local company that specialises in lighting installation Perth for home.

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