Thursday, June 6, 2013

Basic Lighting Installation Perth For Photography

You will be needing a good and stable lighting setup for permanent or temporary indoor photography for consistent result of the photographs. If you can do it by yourself, then fine. But if not, I suggest that you should not take risk in this one because your business depends on it. Getting a local lighting installation Perth who is expert in lighting photography setup is more advisable.

To give you the head ups of what to expect and what you will need, here are the possible things that will require you for basic photography lighting setup.

  • At least minimum of 3 lights. Most studios are indoors where rooms are darker so having 3 lights will give your photographs the best effects unless if your studio has enough windows for the natural light to enter the room. So, if you do not have the required number of light then make adjustments and use those windows. If they are around and plenty, make some testing.
  • If you will be shooting outside you may use 1 light but you require a total balancing of the sun light and the light of the flash from the camera. Using the flash correctly and the natural light is the key for outdoor shooting.
  • For low-key photography, place one light beside or behind the camera. If the subject is on the left side of the camera, place the light on the right. Behind or beside the camera. This is one of the very important practices of lighting installation Perth in photography and very challenging even for experienced photographer because it gives effect and drama for the photograph.
  • Next is light in front of the subject. This type of setup is called fill light because this is use mainly for shadow effect and the light is minimal. Though, there are still proper procedures to be applied. Since it is just a secondary light or a supporting light, you have to position it lower than the main light. Adjust the light if you want more shadow.
  • Rim lighting is another style in photography. Its purpose is to separate the subject from the background. This is also use if you want to give emphasis or bring out the subject. Example, shooting a small object. Do this by positioning the rim light below or above the subject. You should not apply this kind of effect if you want the background to blend with the subject.

Now you have all the basic information on setting up the lights for your photography business. Once they are all setup, play with them. Move the lights away or closer the object for the kind of effect you want. Camera flash also plays an important part so you have to do some testing. Try every angle, how lower or higher, the distance, etc.

Our business is very important and photography is not just about it. It’s an art so you have to choose the best lighting effect for your work. Choose the best lighting installation Perth, WA that has been in the business for years for your complete lighting solution.

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