Friday, November 1, 2013

Achieving The Home Theatre You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Light is essential to everyone. It is responsible for our sense of sight. Without it, we cannot see especially when it is night time. There are different ways in the application of light. Some are placed on the street to give light to the travelers, some to use it on their business and some for residential application. Whatever the application will be, it is impossible to see without light, for it is once said in the bible that the light gives understanding to all things. 

Home theatre – where the feeling is in movie house but in reality is at home. Are you dreaming of having this kind of room in your home? Then check out on these. Supposedly you are about to set up your very own home theatre in your home, but before anything else, there are things to consider. Setting up the home theatre lighting plan is one of the most important aspects to achieve the home theatre you’ve been dreaming of. You should be careful in planning the lighting up this media room if you want to achieve the desired effects you want. You should be devoted in doing it and analyze what’s the purpose of the lighting, the proper location of lights and how you can control the lights. Once considered all, you are now ready to have your own home theatre.

But if you don’t have time in doing this or do not have any idea on how to do this, and you have budget for your dream home theatre, there are services that offer home theatre installation immediately right after you make a call. In Effect Electrical is somewhat one of the best lighting service companies available in the Perth. 

They specialize in giving the customer the best lighting and installation possible. They also provide services for home, industrial and commercial power needs. They have been in the industry for over 18 years, you can be assure that the home theatre installation and other services you entrusted to them, you’ll never regret. 

Aside from home theatre installation, they also provide services such as:
  • Customized home improvement including light and power upgrades
  • Custom garden lighting installation
  • Telephone, data and network cabling for home and business application
  • Workshop machinery repairs and installs
  • Workshop fit outs
  • Split air conditioners
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Game rooms
  • Board rooms
  • Large crystal pendants
  • Mounting flat screen
  • TV’s sound system

They have all the qualified and experienced light installers not just for your home theatre needs but all the lighting you need for your home or business. If you are looking for a competent and quality company, you should call In Effect Electrical. We are living in a modern and digital world now, so if ever you have ideas, they willingly listen to it and respond to the best they can. They provide new and innovative ideas for your needs. They also give free quote for interested clients over the phone. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lighting 101 - How To Take Care Of Your Lights

Cleaning is a good way of making things pleasant for the eyes, but aside from this, cleaning is essential to make things work to its fullest potential. This is a part of maintaining anything and we even need to clean and re-charge ourselves for us to be able to face everyday stress and work 101% in life. Like other things, lights need this cleaning maintenance too, especially that we used them every day. We need to take care of them in order to provide us the source of light that we need. It is proven that dirt can reduce the light that bulbs or fluorescent gives to a certain space resulting it to a much higher electric bill.

Since lighting fixture is delicate, we have to be careful in cleaning them and providing the safest way possible. In addition to this, we should also need to be aware which can be applicable and not when cleaning lights into a house, an office and commercial functions. You may follow these guidelines on how you can take good care of your lights. 

1.The number one thing that you should consider before starting cleaning your light is the guidelines or instructions from its manual. If you find something like it cannot be cleaned with wet or anything that can harm it, then you’ll become aware with the do’s and don’ts.

2.Set up the materials that you will need for the cleaning process, like damp fabrics and cleaning solution that has a dishwashing liquid. Vinegar or lemon can also be applicable at times to remove stains or white marks. You may also use ladders and other necessary equipment to make the process become easy and handy.

3.Work safely before cleaning the bulbs. You should turn it off and unplug it from sockets. Let the bulb cool down before you start cleaning any of it. Also, check if there are faulty wiring.

4.Get rid of the dust and other dirt that is in the frame of lights. Detached the bulb and put them in a secure place where it won’t fall and be broken.

5.With the use of the solution and a cloth damp, start cleaning the lights and fixtures until all dirt has been removed. Leave it for few seconds and do not let it dry with a cloth that is damp with plain water. Clean it again and finish with a dry one.

6.Repeat this process until all bulbs and lights are cleaned up.

7.After cleaning, you may now get it back to its place. Check if you have attached it correctly and then check the switch. Also, inspect if there are bulbs that aren't already working and replace it with a new one.

Lighting is a must for every home since it gives light and makes everything functional. Cleaning it appropriately is very essential and it takes more attention and knowledge to be able to do it the right way. By having it properly maintained, you can get rid of higher bills and improve your lighting efficiency.

If you want to have an artistic and dependable lights design, lighting installation in Perth is the solution for your lighting needs all you have to do is visit their site at We will make your light with design that is right for you.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitchen Lighting Installation Perth

For all those who love to cook, for those who spends most of their time in the kitchen, chef, full time moms, it is time to give your kitchen a total revamp. Sometimes, a good cleaning is not just enough to beautify your kitchen. Choose the best lights and ask lighting Installation Perth to help you with it.

A light refreshes our kitchen. It's not just about giving lights but also a good way to welcome your visitors for dinner. There are plenty of designs you can choose from undercabinets, to counter tops, up to the dining area.

There are also plenty of ways to brighten every space in your kitchen and remember to choose the right color and designs that will complement the kitchen theme. do not forget that kitchen is about cooking and preparing foods so this means that you will choose the one that is best when you cook.

Kitchen light designs

Pendant lights – if you have a kitchen island then this type of lighting fixture is the most appropriate to install. It hangs from the ceiling above the center island. You may put 2 or 3 of the same design depending on the size of the island. It is also a great alternative for chandelier if you want a simple one.

Island lights – also called an island chandelier. It comes in variety of sizes and often comes in group.

Under cabinet lights – this type of lighting fixture is mounted under the kitchen cabinets so you won’t be able to see them when turned on. LED light applied best for under cabinets because it is more energy efficient and doesn't need to illuminate the whole room. It often use to decorate the kitchen and to add elegance to your expensive kitchen counter. It seems easy to install but still needs proper lighting installation.

Chandelier – this type of lighting is just like a pendant one but in a more elaborated design. It often installed in a dining room, formal living rooms, or an entry with high ceiling. It was invented as early as 12th Century made of wooden crosses with spike to secure the candles and suspend on the ceiling using chains or ropes. They were being used by wealthy people during medieval times.

Track light – this looks great in the kitchen, too. This is a great alternative for kitchen island if you will not going to install pendant lighting. It is also called a “spotlight” lighting because the light can be aimed in different directions.

Recessed Lighting – it is a lighting fixture that is installed in a ceiling. When you look at it, it seems like there is light coming from the hole of the ceiling. The very first recessed light was made in the year 1930. This type is most common in North America.

Pot Racks – pot racks chandelier gives versatility because it gives light for cooking and holds your cookware at the same time. It is very functional and suitable for small kitchen and a stylish way to organize your things.

These lights maybe expensive but if you are on a budget then you can check at stores for sale. If you have them ready to install, the next thing for you to do is call a local company that specialises in lighting installation Perth for home.

Basic Lighting Installation Perth For Photography

You will be needing a good and stable lighting setup for permanent or temporary indoor photography for consistent result of the photographs. If you can do it by yourself, then fine. But if not, I suggest that you should not take risk in this one because your business depends on it. Getting a local lighting installation Perth who is expert in lighting photography setup is more advisable.

To give you the head ups of what to expect and what you will need, here are the possible things that will require you for basic photography lighting setup.

  • At least minimum of 3 lights. Most studios are indoors where rooms are darker so having 3 lights will give your photographs the best effects unless if your studio has enough windows for the natural light to enter the room. So, if you do not have the required number of light then make adjustments and use those windows. If they are around and plenty, make some testing.
  • If you will be shooting outside you may use 1 light but you require a total balancing of the sun light and the light of the flash from the camera. Using the flash correctly and the natural light is the key for outdoor shooting.
  • For low-key photography, place one light beside or behind the camera. If the subject is on the left side of the camera, place the light on the right. Behind or beside the camera. This is one of the very important practices of lighting installation Perth in photography and very challenging even for experienced photographer because it gives effect and drama for the photograph.
  • Next is light in front of the subject. This type of setup is called fill light because this is use mainly for shadow effect and the light is minimal. Though, there are still proper procedures to be applied. Since it is just a secondary light or a supporting light, you have to position it lower than the main light. Adjust the light if you want more shadow.
  • Rim lighting is another style in photography. Its purpose is to separate the subject from the background. This is also use if you want to give emphasis or bring out the subject. Example, shooting a small object. Do this by positioning the rim light below or above the subject. You should not apply this kind of effect if you want the background to blend with the subject.

Now you have all the basic information on setting up the lights for your photography business. Once they are all setup, play with them. Move the lights away or closer the object for the kind of effect you want. Camera flash also plays an important part so you have to do some testing. Try every angle, how lower or higher, the distance, etc.

Our business is very important and photography is not just about it. It’s an art so you have to choose the best lighting effect for your work. Choose the best lighting installation Perth, WA that has been in the business for years for your complete lighting solution.